We, at BWestie, want to encourage everyone to continue to practice dance on your own during this time of physical distancing. Though we won’t be meeting in person, we will be developing online formats to interact over, continue learning, and enjoy each other’s company. Stay tuned for more updates!



“I heard about it from a friend and decided to try it out. After one class, I was hooked. I’ve been coming ever since, and have been making great friends along the way!” – Chris F.

“Dancing is one of the best parts of my life and doing Westie with the Bwestie community has been incredibly meaningful for me. Not only is the level of instruction superb but the community is accepting and welcoming. It is easy to make new friends and each week I find myself counting down the days till tuesday class.” – Jake W.

“I am a different person due to BWestie and I love it.” – Sara H.

“I came to BWestie through a friend – I started in an intermediate class and still managed to retain some information. The teachers are fabulous, and this community is amazing – Tuesday nights are the highlights of my week.” – Madaline B.

“When I first moved Vermont, I missed the large swing dance community I’d had in Boston. Although I was new to West Coast, after one night at BWestie, I was hooked.” – Alison N.

“Well worth the commute from Middlebury.” – Emily J.

“I began dancing at Bwestie because of one friend and I ended up making many more. As my involvement in this dance community grew, so did my dance skills, my attitude, and my confidence. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than a night out at the North End Studios.” – Molly S.

“BWestie is my happy place :)” – Hannah T.

“When I first started coming to Burlington Westie classes I had zero interest in West Coast Swing. And yet I keep coming because the community is great, the people are welcoming, and the social dances are fun. Incidentally now I love West Coast Swing too.” – Shannon B.

“B Westie is the highlight of my week.” – Kim F.

“I’ve found that I love west coast swing, even more than I love east coast, which is saying something. I was a little nervous my first night there, but it was so much fun, and once I started dancing, the nerves just melted away.” – Caitlin L.

“Nicest dance place and people in town.” – Helmut B.

“Burlington Westie feels like an incredibly safe space for learning. The instructors are heartfelt and passionate, the classes are engaging and student-focused, and the students are warm and friendly.” – Amelia S.