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Event Styles Location Travel (hours) Direct Flight WSDC
Jan Sweet Side of Swing WCS Atlanta, GA 2 or 5 Fly ATL
Jan Freedom Swing Dance Challenge WCS Philadelphia, PA 2 Fly, 7 Drive PHL
Feb The Flurry Contra, Folk Saratoga, NY 2.5 Drive
Mar Mid Atlantic Dance Jam (MADjam) WCS Tysons Corner, VA 2 Fly, 9 Drive IAD/DCA
Mar The Chicago Classic WCS, Hustle Rosemont, IL 2 Fly ORD
Mar The Boston Tea Party WCS, Lindy Boston, MA 3.5 Drive
Apr Endless Summer Swing Camp WCS Boston, MA 3.5 Drive
Apr Camp Westie WCS State College, PA 8 Drive
Apr Montreal Bagel ‘n’ Blues Blues, Fusion Montréal, QC 1.75 Drive
May Swingin’ Into Spring WCS Hartford, CT 3.75 Drive
May Canada Zouk Conference Zouk Toronto, ON 6.75 Drive
May Canadian Swing Championships Lindy, WCS Sherbrooke, QC 2.5 Drive
May Grand National Dance Championships WCS, Shag Atlanta, GA 2 or 5 Fly ATL
Jun Michigan Classic WCS Detroit, MI 2 Fly DTW
Jun Liberty Swing Dance Championships WCS New Brunswick, NJ 5.5 Drive, 2 Fly EWR
Jul Big Apple Country Dance Festival Country, WCS Secaucus, NJ 5 Drive, 2 Fly LGA/EWR
Jul Toronto Open Swing/Hustle Champs WCS, Hustle Toronto, ON 7 Drive
Jul Nocturne Blues Blues New York, NY 5.5 Drive
Aug Sweet Molasses Blues Blues Boston, MA 3.5 Drive
Aug Swing Fling WCS, Hustle Tysons Corner, VA 2 Fly, 9 Drive IAD/DCA
Aug New England Dance Festival Country, WCS Newton, MA 3.5 Drive
Aug Summer Hummer WCS Framingham, MA 3.75 Drive
Sep Philly Swing Classic WCS Philadelphia, PA 2 Fly, 7 Drive PHL
Oct NYC Zouk Fest Zouk NYC 5.5 Drive
Oct Montreal Westie Fest WCS Montréal, QC 1.75 Drive
Nov Swingin’ New England WCS, Lindy Newton, MA 3.5 Drive
Nov Boston Brazilian Dance Fest Zouk, Kizomba Natick, MA 3.5 Drive
Nov DJ Experiment Fusion Philadelphia, PA 2 Fly, 7 Drive PHL
Nov DC Swing eXperience WCS Herndon, VA 2 Fly, 9 Drive IAD
Nov The US Open WCS Burbank, CA 9 Fly
Nov Swingle Bell Rock WCS Newark, NJ 5.5 Drive, 2 Fly EWR
Dec Upstate Dance Challenge WCS Albany, NY 3 Drive
Dec SnowBound Blues Blues Rochester, NY 6 Drive
Dec New Years Dance Extravaganza WCS Framingham, MA 3.5 Drive

Event Advice

Our instructors have been attending dance events every month for years, and offer the following advice to improve your event experience.

Get the Early Bird Rate

Event registration prices go up as you get closer to the event, so pay attention to those deadlines.

Reserve a room early

Hotel rooms at popular events fill up fast. Reserve a room (or join in on a friend’s reservation) as soon as possible. Many hotels let you book and cancel reservations for free.

Split your hotel costs!

Hotel rooms are usually around ~$120 a night. For 3 nights you can pay:
$360 yourself
$180 each with a 2nd person (Save $180)
$120 each with a 3rd person (Save another $60)
$90 each with a 4th person (Save another $30)
$72 each with a 5th person (Save another $18)
$60 each with a 6th person (Save another $12)

Having your own hotel room is VERY expensive. There’s no reason to not have at least one roommate. The sweet spot seems to be 4 or 5 people in a room. Use the savings to go to more events or take a private lesson.

Treat each night individually

Be explicit about who plans to stay each night. Divide the room rate by the number of people staying each night to figure out who owes what.

Alice Thu Fri Sat 60 + 30 + 30 = $120
Bob Thu Fri Sat 60 + 30 + 30 = $120
Claire Fri Sat 30 + 30 = $60
Doug Fri Sat 30 + 30 = $60

Notice that if you have four people and only two of you are staying Thursday night, you would each save $20 by finding a third person for just Thursday night.

Canceling Ettiquite

If you agree to join a room but can’t go, help your roommates find a replacement or plan to pay for your share of the room.

Use Facebook to Coordinate

Create a group facebook message to communicate who’s staying what nights, cell numbers, names on the reservation, the room number, who has the extra key cards, who’s bringing an air mattress, etc.

Request a Room Near the Ballroom

You end up walking to your hotel room many times over the weekend for breaks, napping, competition preparation, and outfit changes. Being close to the ballroom or elevator saves you time and gives you more energy for dancing.

Request Extra Towels

When you have 4+ people in a room, you will need extra towels. Call the front desk and request them when you’re unpacking.


Be vocal on facebook about when you’re leaving / returning so you can take advatange of carpooling.

Bring Food

A fantastic way to save money is to eat out of your hotel room. Either before your trip or after you arrive, hit up a grocery store and go bananas. Every dollar spent at the grocery store is $9 saved in the hotel restaurant. Eating in your room is also more efficient and convenient. Ask your facebook thread if the room comes with a fridge or if someone’s bringing a cooler.

Bring a Bathing Suit

Most hotels have a pool and hot tub.

Bring Ear Plugs

With multiple roommates out dancing late night, ear plugs can be worth their weight in gold. Ear buds also work in a pinch.

Sign up for the Newcomer Jack & Jill

It’s low pressure and tons of fun. We have yet to have a student who regretted dancing in this contest.