Montpelier Mondays

Montpelier classes are on hiatus until further notice. Until then, join us in Burlington anytime to enjoy some dancing!

Come dance with us!
This month there will be no beginner class, but rather 2 lessons for continuing learners each of the first 3 weeks! One to focus on handy techniques with fun drills and dance practice. The other to work on solidifying the best patterns you’ve learned in the past 5 months (so you don’t forget over our summer break). That’s right, we will be taking July and August off!
On the last week, June 24th, we will once again have a potluck and social dance with no lesson, just food, friends, and fun!
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6:30-7:15 Technique Series for Continuing Learners
7:15-7:30 Music and Dancing break between classes
7:30-8:30 Main Lesson Series for Continuing Learners
8:30-Close Social Dancing for Practice or Fun!

$30 for the whole evening, all 4 weeks of June!

Studio Zenith, 50 Main St., Montpelier VT 05602A

The BWestie Community began to share West Coast Swing (WCS) in Vermont 8 years ago. It’s students and community members have brought WCS to new places as they have spread out and have competed regionally, nationally, and internationally. Anyone can learn either role (leading or following) in our classes and all of our instructors dance both roles.
Want a taste of what it looks like? Check out this video
Learn more about this dance and frequently asked questions at our website

What is West Coast Swing? It is a modern lead-follow social dance that evolved from Lindy Hop and has been influenced by Ballroom, Hustle, Country Western, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop and more, and combines the best techniques from each into one sexy, smooth, and sophisticated partner dance. It is danced to a wide range of music, so anyone can dance to music they like to listen to.

*Wear comfortable clothes and bring a pair of dry, indoor, non-skid shoes! First time dancers are encouraged to come! NO PARTNER NECESSARY. By that we mean you do not need to come with a partner to learn this partner dance. Learning to dance is a social activity. You will change partners and meet new people in our classes.