Burlington Westie dances are held on the first Saturday of the month, 6:30pm-11pm in North End Studios Studio A.  Please enter through the front doors facing the street.


$12 General, $8 Full Time Student
First time Beginners Free!

September Dance and Flashmob – Saturday September 7th

September 7th will be a big day for dancing in Burlington!
In addition to our usual First Saturday Dance, we will also be dancing on Church Street and at the Burlington Farmer’s Market! Our students have been working at learning a Flash Mob choreography which will be performed once at the Farmer’s Market, and twice on Church Street. In between the performances on Church street there will be social dancing for about an hour. Followed by dinner, and then our regular lessons at the studio before the Dance there.
This will be our 3rd year performing on Church Street, and our first at the Farmer’s Market. It’s a great opportunity to invite your friends and family to see you dance and invite them to try it out. Don’t forget, our evening dance is free for first-timers. So invite folks to come join us there afterwards!
From out of town? Wanna perform with us? Send us a message over Facebook Messenger or our Email and let us know!

1:00 Farmer’s Market meet up and First Performance
1:15 – 2:00 Lunch/drinks at the Market
Free Time
3:45 First Performance on Church Street
3:50 – 4:35 Social Dancing on Church Street
4:40 Second Performance on Church Street
4:50 Find Dinner!
6:15 Walk back to studio for the Main Lesson
Admission rates apply only to the evening portion below.
6:30-7:30 Main Lesson
7:30-8:00 WCS Intro Lesson
8:00-11:00 Social Dance

Admission (evening only)
$12 General
$8 Full Time Student
**First Time Beginners get in for Free!**
Are you new to West Coast Swing? Don’t want to pay money to try something new? You’ll be happy to know that all of our First Saturday Dances (one every month) are free for First-Timers new to West Coast Swing. Just show up before 7:30 to check in at the door and take a quick 30 minute crash course in the basic steps of our dance. Then stay as long as you are comfortable, dance a little bit, ask questions, socialize, and have fun!

See you on the dance floor!
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October Dance – Saturday 10/5


What kind of music do you play?
Unless otherwise specified, the dances are West Coast Swing, with slower songs for Fusion later in the night. Our DJ’s also throw in an occasional Waltz, Two Step, Nightclub, or Polka.

How can I get people to ask me to dance?
Make it easy for others to ask you by standing near the dance floor, visibly enjoying the song, making eye contact, and smiling. Always thank your partner after the dance.

When is it okay to decline a dance?
If you need a break, have an injury, or promised the song to someone else. After declining a dance, do not agree to dance that song with another person! If you decline a dance, it is nice to find that person later and ask them.

What do I do if I have a problem or complaint?
Let the organizers know! We strive to make our events enjoyable for everyone, and need to know of problems so we can work to fix them.

I left something in the studio, when can I get it?
Check the studio hours here.