Burlington Westie classes are taught on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm at the North End Studios. Classes begin on the first Tuesday of the month and continue for four weeks. There are typically three classes each week. Admission covers any combination of classes, and the after class social dancing. Beginners are welcome to come early to watch and/or try intermediate classes.

An example schedule:

Classes are also listed on our google calendar.


4 Week Series: $46, Students $32 (8 hours of class, 4+ hours of dancing)
Drop In: $16, Students $11, Social Dancing only $5

July Classes

4 Week Series, Tuesday Evenings July 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st (This begins the second Tuesday of July, not the first)
Come to our Dance Party and Firework viewing gathering on Tuesday July 3rd, details below***

7pm Intermediate West Coast Swing
8pm Advanced West Coast Swing
8pm Beginner West Coast Swing
9pm After Class Dancing!!!

Beginner West Coast Swing – Join us again in our Beginner Series to build a solid foundation in West Coast Swing so you can confidently enter more challenging classes and get the most out of them! Were you stuck on a particular pattern or point, or couldn’t get the feel of something quite right? We’ll be there to answer your questions and help you feel more comfortable on the dance floor! This class is still first-timer friendly! No experience or partner necessary.

Advanced West Coast Swing – Accenting You Dance!
We will use the series to gain a better ear for the music we most often dance to and work on adding accents into our dance as they correspond to that music. Accents are achievable for both Leaders and Followers and work even when your partner is unaware of them. It’s a great tool for our Westie Toolbox, especially for those planning on Competing at Summer Hummer in August. The most experienced attendees will be challenged to use pieces from June’s class all the while.

Intermediate West Coast Swing – Changing Contact Points II
It became clear to us that there is much more we can do with this topic in everyone’s dancing. We will cover everything from the different patterns we can lead from different connection points/how we lead the same pattern differently, to how we both stay connected to each other in these less common places and during frequent contact point changes. Followers will be challenged to give solid connection to their leaders while staying balanced and able to redirect quickly. Advanced students will be challenged to tweak and amend habits for better practices.

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4 Week Series

$46, Students $32
See you on the dance floor!

***July 3rd – First Tuesday Dance Party and Fireworks!

Dance Party – Parading – Fireworks – Dancing Downtown!

Studio 7:00 – 9:00 (max)
Hilton Hotel  9:15 – Whenever

The Boring (Important) Details – July has 5 Tuesdays, which means we get a bonus Tuesday to do something different and special! However, Burlington’s fireworks are held on our first Tuesday, so we will delay the start of our July series until July 10th. So what’s the plan for July 3rd? – We’re going to have a dance party followed by a mosquito-free viewing of the Burlington Fireworks from Erin’s hotel room (The Hilton) facing out over the waterfront!

Dance Party – You are encouraged to bring food and beverage to both.
Eat, socialize, dance, and ask your instructors for tips, tricks, and pointers while we are at the Studio.

Parking – It’s bad near the waterfront and in the Old North End before the fireworks start. So we will leave our vehicles at the studio and parade our dancey selves to the hotel around 9:00.
Fireworks begin at 9:30 and last a half hour.
You are encouraged to bring food and beverages, but keep in mind that we will be walking a good distance to the hotel.

After party – After the fireworks are over, party in the hotel or head downtown for some dancing in the wild!
“5th” Tuesdays always cost less, but this one will be a steal.

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8$ Everyone!
5$ with food or drink to share


Do I need a partner?
No! Our classes are open to everyone and we rotate partners frequently. You will meet and practice with a wide variety of dancers.

How do I register?
Come to the first class and pay by cash, check (Burlington Westie), or credit card (2.75% fee).

Where do I sign in?
Everyone signs in at the front desk in Studio A.

I missed the first class, can I start the second week?
Yes! You may start a series on the second week or pay the Drop In rate for any class in a series. If you’re starting late or dropping in, it is your responsibility to catch up. Our instructors do not re-teach material from previous weeks if the rest of class is ready to move on.

What should I bring?
Bring clean shoes to dance in and a water bottle. Change into your dance shoes at the studio to keep the soles clean and protect the dance floor from dirt and moisture.

What shoes should I wear?
Dig through your closet for something that is low friction, lightweight, and comfortable. Try spinning on a smooth floor, the more rotation the better. Avoid grippy rubber soles!

High heels feel unstable when dancing West Coast Swing, so most westies wear low chunky heels or flats.

The best place to buy dance shoes is at large weekend events where you can try on dozens of styles. If you just want something to get started, we recommend the old “classic” style TOMS. TOMS are great dance shoes because they’re lightweight, spin great, and only cost $50. You can find them at Journeys in the University Mall. Once you know your size you can also order online. If you have a choice go for lightweight materials.

Am I ready for the Intermediate/Advanced classes?
Class levels define the difficulty of the material, not the level of the students in the class. We allow you to self select class levels, with the caveat that you read and follow the guidelines below. This is what we expect each of our class levels to already know:

Intermediate West Coast Swing – Identify the downbeat and upbeat in the music, and start each pattern on the downbeat with the correct foot
– Understand 6 count and 8 count rhythm patterns, and the difference between a double and a triple
– Connect comfortably in open
– Demonstrate the footwork for a Left Side Pass, Underarm Pass, Push Break, and Whip without a partner
– Dance a Left Side Pass, Underarm Pass, Push Break, and Whip with a partner
Advanced West Coast Swing – All of the Intermediate requirements (Mandatory!)
– Identify and dance on the beat in a wide variety of West Coast Swing music
– Use safe muscle groups and posture when connecting in open and closed
– Comfortable with a majority of the intermediate patterns: Starter Step, Inside Roll, Push Tuck, Passing Tuck, Reverse Whip, Whip with Outside Turn
Intermediate Fusion – Can easily find and stay on the beat
– Connect comfortably in open and closed
– Lead/follow inside and outside turns and rotation
– Comfortable traveling the floor in closed
Advanced Fusion – All of the Intermediate requirements
– Hear and predict music patterns while dancing
– Dance on different multiples of the beat
– Connect comfortably in close embrace
– Share a spin axis smoothly and safely
– Travel the floor in varied connections/positions/directions

Can my partner and I dance together the entire class instead of rotating?
Sure, but we encourage students to rotate. Couples who get the feedback of dancing with a variety of partners learn faster and have more enjoyable social dances together. If you wish to opt out of the rotation, let the instructors know and make it clear to the other students.

I predominantly lead/follow, is it okay if retake the beginner series as a follow/lead?
Yes! We love when our advanced students invest the time to learn the opposite role. It dramatically improves their understanding of the dance and helps us balance out leader/follower ratios. The majority of high-level dancers are fluent in both leading and following.